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MPD Ultimate Recovery Stack


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MAGNUM PRIMER® - 100% Encapsulated Performance Packs

MAGNUM HI-5® - All Day Amino Acids for Health, Energy & Recovery

MAGNUM G® - Pharmaceutical Grade Fermented L-Glutamine

MPD Ultimate Recovery Stack



>> 100% encapsulated for maximum absorption - zero gums or binders - NO TABLETS
>> Prepares the body for muscular gains, recovery, health, wellness & anti-aging
>> Everything an athlete needs to reach new heights of excellence
>> One a day formula for the athlete's convenience


>> 4.865g BCAAs, 3.8g Aminos, 1.5 Adaptogens (for healing), 610 mg Burners and 430mg electrolytes & hydrators
>> Largest dose of HICA in any blended product
>> Huge dose of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate for incredible fat burning
>> ZERO sugars / ZERO carbs
>> Best tasting amino product on the market - watch for it to change flavor in your mouth!


>> Better mixability
>> Maximum absorption
>> Quicker recovery from training
>> Enhanced immune system protection

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