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MPD Performance Pro Stack


MPD Performance PRO Stack (Saves 10%):

MAGNUM LIMITLESS® - Extreme Pre-Workout

MAGNUM OPUS® - Clinically Proven Intra-workout - Flavor you will receive will be either Blue Yasberry or Cellular Punch.

MAGNUM HI-5® - All Day Amino Acids for Health, Energy & Recovery

MAGNUM VOLUME® - Pre-Workout Pumping System


MPD Performance Pro Stack


>> Ignite workout energy & intensity
>> Jack up muscle & exercise endurance
>> Amplify vascularity for next-level muscle pumps
>> Dramatically increase strength & power
>> Create fuller muscles while decreasing fat storage
>> Enhance mental focus & mood


>> Over 4g of L-Leucine per 2 scoop serving for perfect anabolic strength, recovery & endurance
>> Over 3g each of Beta Alanine & L-Citulline for blood flow & further strength, endurance & recovery
>> pH balance, hydration, & cellular stimulation to create the perfect environment for muscle growth
>> Stimulant free, but you feel fired up to go longer & harder
>> Clinically proven to increase athletic performance


>> 4.865g BCAAs, 3.8g Aminos, 1.5 Adaptogens (for healing), 610 mg Burners and 430mg electrolytes & hydrators
>> Largest dose of HICA in any blended product
>> Huge dose of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate for incredible fat burning
>> ZERO sugars / ZERO carbs
>> Best tasting amino product on the market - watch for it to change flavor in your mouth!


>> L-Arginine Nitrate and Pyroglutamate can deliver pumps for up to 3 hours following ingestion
>> L-Citrulline Malate and Beet Root Extract amplify L-Arginine’s effectiveness and increase plasma nitrates
>> Agmatine supports better and stronger vasodilation while protecting you from the toxic effects of N.O. Synthesis
>> French Pine Bark extract greatly expands blood vessels and enhances blood flow and oxygen transport to your muscles
>> L-Norvaline diminishes your body’s ability to limit nitric oxide production – meaning you will get an amazing pump every time!


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