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Quattro 2.0 lbs

Magnum Quattro is an excellent choice for a protein supplement because:

*Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade*
*It has only Isolate proteins (the highest quality and form of protein – better digestion, absorption, and results)*
*It offers Milk Protein Isolate (which is exclusively used at Hospitals for burn victims as the amino acid profile is incomparable and has exceptional healing capabilities)*
*It has 4 different sources of Isolate protein for timed digestion*
*It has added CLA and flax seed for essential fatty acids and protein assimilation*
*There is more protein per scoop than almost any product available today*
*It will give you more sustained energy throughout the day*
*It will give you leaner, denser muscles*
*It truly speeds up your metabolic rate*

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Performance Greens

Magnum Performance Greens will produce the following results:

*Increase energy support*
* Regulate stress*
* Detoxify and cleanse*
* Support improved sleep*
* Balance pH*
* Promote healthy aging*
* Allow your body to function at an advanced level*

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Primer Performance Packs

100% Encapsulated Performance Packs!
Box of 30 Servings (240 caps)

*100% encapsulated for maximum absorption – zero gums or binders*
*Prepares the body for muscular gains, recovery, health, wellness and anti-aging*
*Everything an athlete needs to reach new heights of excellence*
*One a day formula for the athlete’s convenience*

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Acid (CLA):

*It is a Pharmaceutical Grade CLA supplement*

*It has both CLA Isomers (the active ingredient in CLA)*

*It has a very high potency (testing consistently between 80 – 84%)*

*It is a stimulant free fat burner*

*You will feel and look tighter in 6 days*

Why take a CLA supplement?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a natural-occurring essential fatty acid that has been called the “miracle fat.”  It has been scientifically proven to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle tissue.  It is also know as a “nutrient partitioner,” this means that CLA helps transport and force nutrients to be utilized where your body needs them most.

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