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MPD Growth Enhancer Stack


MPD Growth Enhancer Stack

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MPD Growth Enhancer Stack

MAGNUM E-BRAKE® is Designed to:

>> Supercharge Muscle Growth & Strength
>> Decrease Recovery from Training Sessions
>> Harden Muscles for a more Muscular & Defined look
>> Aid in Fat Loss
>> Decrease Water Weight, Allowing for a Tighter & Leaner Looking Physique
>> Increase Libido
>> Optimize All Aspects of Physical Performance

Magnum G-SPRING® is Designed to:

>> Increase Growth Hormone Release While you Sleep
>> Maximize Lean Muscle Growth
>> Ignite Nighttime and Daytime Fat Loss
>> Optimize Muscle Recovery
>> Help you Fall Asleep Faster & Improve the Quality of Sleep
>> Enhance Memory, Focus, Mood, & Cognition
>> Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier More Effectively

Magnum TONIC® is Designed to:

>> Enhance Strength
>> Boost Endurance
>> Increase Muscle Hardening
>> Improve Recovery Time

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