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MPD Gains Stack


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MAGNUM THRUST® - Test Booster & Mimicker + Estrogen Suppressor

MAGNUM TONIC® - Testosterone Activator

MAGNUM DNA® - Pre-Workout Strength Amplifier


MPD Gains Stack




>> This is our #1 selling capsule product
>> Harder, tighter muscles & strength gains in 6 days
>> Maximize free testosterone & protein synthesis
>> Deepest sleeps ever within 5 nights


>> Easy Sell: same price as tribulus product, but Magnum Tonic has a huge dose of Pharmaceutical Grade tribulus + a huge dose of 3 other amazing test boosting ingredients (Rhodiola, Oatstraw, Vitex Berry)
>> Full dose of 4 of the top natural testosterone boosting ingredients available
>> Great post cycle therapy product
>> Great for men & women


>> Removes ammonia from your muscle cells for drastically increased strength, protein synthesis, & incredibly fast recovery
>> BCAA's combined with Glycine-L-Arginine & L-Leucine Alpha KIC keeps your body in an anabolic state(muscle building)
>> Stimulant-free for night-time training
>> Our athletes' favorite product
>> Strength gains within 3 days!


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