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(96 Capsules/24 Servings)


Burn fat and build lean muscle while you sleep? It's not a dream. Magnum G-Spring helps you lose fat, grow muscle and recover - all while you enjoy a deep. restful sleep.

G-Spring is a multi-ingredient Pharmaceutical Grade formulation that increases your resting growth hormone levels while you sleep. This increase in growth hormone allows you to wake up feeling rested, energized, focused and - best of all - leaner and more muscular. Now you can train harder, recover better, burn fat more efficiently, and at the end of the training day, fall into a deep sleep for improved recovery. Build while you sleep with Magnum G-Spring®.


Magnum G-Spring® is designed to:

>>Increase Growth Hormone Release While you Sleep
>>Maximize Lean Muscle Growth
>>Ignite Nighttime and Daytime Fat Loss
>>Optimize Muscle Recovery
>>Help you Fall Asleep Faster & Improve the Quality of Sleep
>>Enhance Memory, Focus, Mood, & Cognition
>>Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier More Effectively

Key Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients:

PUERARIN: Creates a more anabolic environment in your body by increasing the release of GH. Puerarin has also been shown to stimulate phosphoinositol 3 kinase (PI3K), which is the same anabolic pathway stimulated by IGF-1 & Insulin to drive glycogen into your muscles.

DMAE BITARTRATE: By elevating Choline levels in the brain, DMAE can regulate HGH release, while enhancing mood, memory, & learning. DMAE is used by many people for its mild stimulant effect, but has also been shown to help people fall asleep.

MUCUNA PRURIENS [50% L-DOPA]: Provides L-Dopa in an absorbable form that can quickly cross the blood-brain barrier. Once L-Dopa crosses the blood brain-barrier it is converted to Dopamine, which allows for a greater stimulation of GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) & , ultimately, increased growth hormone production.

BACOPA 30:1 [50% BACOSIDES A&B]: This adaptogen has strong anti-stress & antioxidant properties and promotes memory, concentration, & enhances visual processing. Bacopa plays a supportive role in HGH production by repairing damaged neurons & allowing the pituitary to secrete HGH at an optimum level. But Bacopa's effects on the thyroid gland may be the most critical. Research shows it can increase anabolic thyroid hormone levels by more than 40 percent, which leads to muscle growth and fat loss.

THEANINE: Beneficial for supporting mental & physical relaxation by increasing the levels of GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid), an important inhibitory neurotransmitter. Taking Theanine before bed to help you sleep better & also increase GH release leading to harder, leaner muscles.

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