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Drip Dry




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(90 Capsules/3 Capsules per Serving)


Magnum Drip Dry® is leading the next generation of natural water-shedding supplements by sparing your all important anti-cramping electrolytes, while simultaneously acting as a powerful diuretic; leaving you with a dry, full physique every time. Drip Dry’s® powerful ingredients quickly target the subcutaneous water that blurs your muscularity and eliminate it one drip at a time, exposing high definition cuts, striations, & vascularity like never before.

Drip Dry

Magnum Drip Dry® - Key Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients:

TARAXACUM OFFICINALE (DANDELION LEAF) 20:1 EXTRACT:  Dandelion Leaf has a long history of usage as a natural diuretic since it is very effective at increasing urine expulsion to rid your body of excess water retention. Dandelion Root, on the other hand, is effective as an appetite stimulant, but is ineffective as a herbal diuretic, even though many companies still use it in their natural diuretic products. Drip Dry® is formulated with a full gram of Dandelion Leaf Extract at a 20:1 ratio. This equals 20 grams of bulk Dandelion Leaf – making it the strongest natural diuretic available on the market.


OXYSTELMA ESCULENTUM 20:1 EXTRACT:  The diuretic activity of Oxystelma Esculentum Extract was studies at 5h and 24h intervals. The results indicate that Oxystelma Esculentum Extract is an effective hypernatraemic, hyperkalaemic, hypercalcemic and hyperchloremic diuretic, which supports the traditional claim about the Oxystelma Esculentum being used as a diuretic.


HORSETAIL (EQUISETUM ARVENSE L.) 20:1 EXTRACT: Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has traditionally been used in Europe as a diuretic for the treatment of edema (swelling/fluid retention). Human and laboratory research shows that Horsetail Extract can increase the amount of urine produced by the body.


JUNIPER BERRY EXTRACT 4:1: The traditional use of Juniper is as a diuretic and to treat conditions of the bladder or kidneys. Diuretic action of Juniper is well established and is attributed to its terpinene-4 ol levels, the primary active ingredient in Juniper Berry Extract, which increases the filtration rate of the kidney.


POTASSIUM OROTATE: If you want unparalleled Potassium bioavailability, you need Potassium Orotate. This is Potassium bound to Orotic Acid. Orotic Acid is neutrally charged and passes easily through cell membranes. As the Orotic Acid is metabolized, the potassium is released. This delivers the potassium directly into the muscle cells where your body needs it to regulate the amount of water and electrolytes in your muscle.


MAGNESIUM CITRATE: Magnesium deficiency is the major hidden cause of leg cramps (including foot and other muscle cramps). Magnesium also increases the absorption of potassium, which is critical for proper muscle function. Magnesium Citrate provides the highest bioavailability of the mineral. The Mayo Clinic recommends taking magnesium supplements two times a day to get relief from water retention.

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